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Autism Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that every family needs, but can be even more important for families who have an autistic family member. Here at Autism Life Link, we recognize that life insurance can make a world a difference to those with autism and their caregivers. Please read the following sections to learn more about why life insurance is so important.

Life Insurance for Caregivers

If you care for a person with autism, it's likely that they rely on you for their basic needs: a home, food, transportation and assistance with everyday tasks. Caring for a child with autism can cost up to $21,000 more per year than caring for child who doesn't have autism and these costs can carry over into their adulthood.

If something were to happen to you, would your loved one have enough funding to get the care and everyday essentials that they need? Life insurance can ensure that your loved one always gets the care that they need. For just a low monthly cost, you can continue to protect your loved one, even after you're gone. Being a caregiver is a difficult job, and worrying about your loved one's future only makes things even more difficult. Give yourself peace of mind by protecting your loved one with life insurance.

If you're interested life insurance, please visit Family Protection Center's web page for Autism. Family Protection Center is a company that understands the needs of families and can tailor a plan to suit both your coverage needs and your budget.

Life Insurance for Your Loved One with Autism

If your loved one passed away, you may be left with expensive medical bills and funeral costs. The average funeral can cost $10,000 or more. Life insurance can ensure that these bills are covered when your loved one passes away. Family Protection Center can provide life insurance coverage for autistic people between the ages of 40 and 80. If you're interested in getting coverage for your loved one with autism, please visit Family Protection Center's web page for Autism.

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